Current Fee Schedule

Account closed within 90 days of opening $25

Account history (printed)
One month

More than one month

Account research by staff $20/hour ($10 minimum)
ATM withdrawal (non credit union card) $2
ATM withdrawal - foreign (non-CO-OP ATM) $1
Bill Payer service Free
Bill Payer expedited service FedEx Overnight) $29.95
Cashier’s check $2
Check printing Price varies based on style/qty.
Cleared check copy
In Person
Internet Banking

Copies (per page) $0.25
Counter check
Up to two per visit
More than two per visit (each)


Dormant account closure and state remittance to MO

Dormant account fee (annual) $10
Fax documents $2
Garnishment fee at funds pay out $20
Membership entrance Free
Money Market withdrawal
Up to three/month
More than three/month
Money order (third-party payment) $1
Notary service to members Free
Notary service to non-members $5
Overdraft – electronic (ACH, ATM, debit card, POS) $30
Overdraft – Courtesy Pay (negative balance) $30
Overdraft – share drafts (NSF, uncollected funds) $30
Overdrafts from savings
Up to six/month
More than six/month

Replacement ATM/debit card/credit card $10
Return ACH item $25
Return deposited payment/check $10
Safe deposit box drilled $175
Safe deposit box delinquent (after 30 days) 10%
Safe deposit box rental (Varies by size) $25-$95
Safe deposit box key replacement Approx. $25
Share account withdrawal
Up to five/month
More than five/month
Signature guarantee (in person) Free
Stop payment (ACH or share draft) $20
Stop payment (consecutive order) $20
Stop payment (teller/cashier's check) $20
Visa® convenience fee (cash advances) $7
Visa® gift card ($1,000 max.) $3
Visa travel card ($3,000 max.)
Initial purchase
ATM withdrawal
ATM balance inquiry
Wire transfers - domestic incoming (via Federal Reserve) $5
Wire transfers - domestic outgoing (via Federal Reserve) $25
Western Union & wire transfers – international $35
Investment Income Property Origination $300

*All fees are subject to change without prior notification. Contact the credit union for complete details.

If you use an ATM that isn’t operated by Educational Community Credit Union, you may be charged a fee by the operator and/or the automated transfer network.