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Every Day Is Bank Transfer Day

Switch To Educational Community Credit Union Today – It’s Easy With Our Free Switch Kit!

Are you fed up with your current financial institution and ready to make a switch? Switching to Educational Community Credit Union (ECCU) is easy! Our switch kit includes everything you need to help you make a smooth transition to ECCU.

Simply follow these steps.

Step 1
Apply for a membership with our online Membership Application. Membership at ECCU simply requires maintaining a $25 minimum balance in your share (savings) account, plus a $1 one-time, non-refundable membership fee. Once you join the credit union, you remain a member for life – even if you move, change jobs or retire. To apply in person, visit any ECCU location.

Step 2
If you’re moving your direct deposit to ECCU, use our Direct Deposit Change Request Form to notify your other institution of the switch.

Step 3
Change automatic payments and withdrawals by using our Automatic Payment Transfer Request Form. If you have more than one automatic transaction, simply fill out one form for each.

Step 4
Close your old account once any outstanding checks and automatic withdrawals have cleared (this may take several weeks). Once you’re sure this has happened, you can use the Account Closing Request Form to notify your previous financial institution to terminate your accounts and receive any balances.

Use our convenient checklist to help you make the switch today, or get more details at any Educational Community Credit Union location.

Adobe Reader is required. If you do not have this free tool installed on your computer, you can get it here.

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