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About Us
Since 1938, Educational Community Credit Union (ECCU) has been helping members build long-term financial security. That is why the foundation of the credit union philosophy is "people helping people," and this is what makes ECCU different from all the rest.

ECCU is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial institution. As an owner of the credit union, you have a say in credit union issues and affairs. ECCU members join together to encourage savings at a good rate of return, and to use collective monies to make loans to members at competitively low interest rates. Our goal is to meet the financial needs of members of the educational community and their families in a courteous and efficient manner.

Educational Community Credit Union’s field of membership is limited to those who meet at least one of the following conditions:

  1. Any employee of any educational institution or public library located within the counties listed below.
  2. Any educationally-sponsored or affiliated organization of a public or private school, at elementary, secondary or higher-education level located within the counties listed below.
  3. Any student or alumni of any educational institution, located within the counties listed below.
  4. Any educational alumni residing within the counties listed below.
  5. Any retired faculty member of a public or private school, at elementary, secondary or high-education level residing within the counties listed below.
  6. Any family member of a person eligible to join ECCU. It’s not necessary for the person eligible to be an existing member.

Membership at ECCU simply requires maintaining a $25 minimum balance in your share (savings) account, plus a $1 one-time, non-refundable membership fee. Once you join the credit union, you remain a member for life - even if you move, change jobs or retire.

If you're ready to open an account, you can save a little time by downloading our membership card now. Just fill out the form, print, and bring your completed copy to any of our offices, and we'll help you get set up! You may also complete an online membership application here.

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ECCU Difference
A credit union is the best place to get financial services for several reasons:

  • A credit union is a cooperative and exists only to benefit its members. A credit union won’t merge with a larger institution unless the members voted in favor of that action.
  • As a credit union member, you’re an owner – not just a customer.
  • A volunteer board of directors, elected by the membership, directs the credit union. The board’s only interest is ensuring that the credit union operates in a way that benefits its members.
  • A credit union doesn’t have outside stockholders to take profits from the financial institution. A credit union distributes its profits to the members in the following ways:
    - In the form of lower rates for loans and higher rates for deposits
    - In the form of retained capital to ensure members receive the products and services they want and the credit union remains a strong financial institution


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